How Many Of These CRAZY Smoke Spots Have You Toked In??

Funny or obscure smoke spots vary, but there are a few great ones that are just a little too crazy to overlook. Here is a list of 8 crazy spots you may want to try being high at which may give you a new fresh look at things ( or might just be a fun change of pace)

  1. The Zoo – Why it’s crazy: Animal observation and narration—stoned. Maybe you and the animals even share a consciousness for a while. At the very least, your high may help you consider what the animals are dreaming about. Just think about all those crazy animals and crazy things they can do/eat. Obviously that would be fun high…wouldn’t it?

  2. A Rooftop – Why it’s the crazy: Because you get to watch all the people and cars that look like ants from up “high”. And you can pretend you’re a giant. Always cool to get a new perspective on life…right?

  3. A Hot Air Balloon – Why it’s crazy: Flying high in a giant balloon. Just don’t do anything stupid while you’re up there—and yes that includes lighting a joint in the balloon’s burner. And maybe also make sure you’re with someone who knows how to fly the thing.

  4. North Korea – Why it’s crazy: Two words: North. Korea. Apparently, cannabis isn’t regulated in North Korea and there are no rules against smoking it, or if there are rules they don’t seem to be enforced. According to reports, you can smoke it just about anywhere in the country. Who would have thought North Korea would be more liberal than the U.S. when it came to regulating cannabis?

  5. On a Bridge – Why it’s the best: Just watch the glistening water and reflect on life, “I swear I just saw a shark!”.

  6. On a Ferris Wheel – Why it’s crazy: Up high again. If the wheel is high enough, you’ll get a spectacular view of your surroundings. If it’s not, you can just laugh at all the carnival goers beneath you, who are clearly not on your level.

  7. Amusement Park – An amusement park is full of stimulation. From the flashing lights and sounds of those games that no one seems to win to those tiny donuts that taste like little spheres of heaven, amusement parks are a stoner’s paradise. Plus, have you ever played balloon pop stoned?

  8. In a church – It’s a church—it feels like someone is always watching. But we have heard of people smoking up in private rooms before weddings. Maybe weed makes the service more entertaining, or maybe not?

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