Stoner Charity

My name is Ana but some may know me as The Stoner Couponer off YouTube. I've been doing a few marijuana community aimed suppl drives to help the homeless and it's been amazing the support I've gotten, that I have decided to move forward with a cannabis community non profit organization that links marijuana with the community. We will be doing book drives, school supply drives, drives for needy and many causes that the marijuana industry can assist with! What do you think? Anyone else want to break the lazy stoner stereotype?

Right now we have #stonershelpinghomeless2015


  • Hi Ana. That is great work that you are doing to help the community. I love that you are breaking the stoner stereotype. What is your info? I would love to help with this movement.


  • I believe you and I have the same intentions on breaking the lazy stoner stereotype and also it being called the gateway drug. It wasn't for me. I want to open a Collective here in southern Cali and start a charity for cancer and hepatitis c. Something like what you are doing with the homeless. Looks like you're doing an excellent job. How does one start?

  • Now this is what I like to see. This is awsome.....awsome. ...were is any information on donating. An I love the youtube videos as well. Keep it up. Stonershelpinghomless2015. Right on...

  • Yes, Ana.. let us know how to help!!! Such a great thing. #Stonershelpinghomeless2015
    I am going to check out the YouTube again :)

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