Greetings from Nz.

hallo everyone ''

My username ive left as bambi Nz like its been for many many years with the online breeders comunity and support off other professional breeders W/wide whom helped myself learn the seed trade with medicinal purposes i had of my own since smoking the old calio orange bud in 2002 and went on to talk these highs over with friends around 07 - 08 on a canna fourm mr nice,

I liked what you guys stand for and why ive also become a founding member along with another name on my card i can let out via private message only for now, - were im from pot is still highly ilegal but recently letting paitents use hemp cbd tinctures is a first for us, not what i have in mind but a start none the less,

I have my own seed bank recently opened via a uk vendor and we are both on Facebook and google etc,( lounge.lizard.seeds f/b)

congrats to the real founders to. - bam.


  • Welcome to the club Bambi! I have really enjoyed talking with others here and having a place to share my views on how i would like marijuana to be legalized! :)

  • I love medical marijuana

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