MASSROOTS weed app!

has everybody here heard of the website/phone app Massroots? its like Instagram just for weed! its really revolutionizing the game and working to desensitize the public toward marijuana. Its also a great resource to link us "marijuana outlaws" around the globe. Check me out on it, my username is CTmedicalPRO


  • Very cool info! I will have to sign up and I will find you :) Thanks for posting about this resource, I'm happy it will keep us outlaws together too.

  • Definitely going to check out this app!!! I am really excited to be involved in all of this! I hope to really get through to the older generations. They see marijuana as such a bad drug and everything like that. They have a very old school way of thinking. Thank you marijuana outlaws for allowing me to be a part of this movement!!!
  • Hi kvance82! I am so happy I joined Marijuana Outlaws too. I am happy that there is a place to openly discuss marijuana topics without feeling judged by outside parties. It is perfect! I agree with the older generation. Hopefully they start to look at MJ as a positive and not a negative. It really can do so much good. More money for the country and positive health effects?!!!! What is better than that?

  • I've had it for 2 years, It's like Facebook for Stoners!!!
    Hey CTmedicalPRO, are you in CT? I was born in Hartford and lived in CT for 46 years. I'm in the land of the free now, Oregon. :-))

  • I prefer Instagram so those who do follow @CaliforniaPurps
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