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New here so first off would like to introduce myself. Cody from Arizona and I have a few questions jow I am an official card holder/patient, but before we get to that let me just state as all of you will agree this medicine changed my life. So along with spreding the word about the benifits I was actually curious from a different prospective as far as employment. As in a blog of user friendly employers, top careers that do not drug test or tips and tricks. Reasoning behind this is as I faield a urine test for my job they fired ke anyway saying they hold to federal law. So what is a guy supposed to do here any advice would be great. How to get hired at a dispensary and etc. Or a sure proven way to pass a drug test and take my chances. Come outlaws I know that someone out there has been in the same position. I have kids and bills McDonald's is not going to cut it. Please flood this with all advice possible.


  • Hey Cody! Welcome to the club. Sorry to hear about your job troubles. You should go on There are a ton of positions open. Hope it all works out. Also, I see you mentioned that you would like to spread the word of the benefits of cannabis. There is a website called where people can blog and share their experiences with cannabis. I will be posting my story on there. The more positive awareness the better!

  • Thanks for the info @Morgan1

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