Hey Outlaws!! What are the Marijuana laws in your state??

Here in Arizona its allowed for medical use.
What's the legislation in your state?
Where do you hope to see legalization?

Much love!!


  • Oregon the land of the FREE", as in we're free to grow 4 in bloom plants per household, unlimited amounts of clones and Veg plants, and can freely give away pot to anyone. also have in your home up to 8 oz. stash, and unlimited concentrates.

  • Here in Okla,City. Of course its still Illegal but,if the Police dont know.dont tell them!?
  • Saturday afternoon Doobie practice.Never want to be inexperienced,never know when a good looker needs to burn one.
  • Recreational has taken over the Medicinal stores up north In Washington State.

  • Oregon:
    We can grow 4 plants at home. We can buy flower, concentrates, edibles and we can share freely. We also have Washington, and now California as neighbors to visit for many more miles of FREEDOM! The whole dam West Coast is FREE Of Prohobotion!!!

  • Missouri SUCKS! lets get this show on the road.

  • I know this has nothing to do with the The thread but does any body here in PHX, AZ know of any dispensary job available and where I go to apply. It would be greatly appreciated my fellow stoners
  • @tbell1223 Your best bet is to apply to all your local dispensaries and hope you get selected for an interview. They love young, energetic, and knowledgeable staff. Keep that in mind if you get chosen. Good luck!
  • Awesome dude that's definitely a great point to keep fresh in mind if selected for an interview. Once again advice and information highly helpful and immensely appreciated. I owe ya a blunt for sure!
  • I'm in Georgia and had to sit 2 days in jail and a $1200 fine for less than a gram of weed.. SMH. It's the same charge you'd get even if you had an ounce. Georgia needs to get with the program.
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