new member seeking graphic artist job

I ran across a posting leading me to this website stating Outlaws are looking for a graphic artist. Can someone point me in the direction to apply or who I need to speak with to set up a time and place to show some of my work to them?


  • No one has anything to say? Lol any job that's weed or dispensary related is perfect to me. I'm in desperate need of a change in career. Advise, leads, anything that anybody has to say or may know that can help me I'm all ears.
  • @tbell1223 Hey the job ad said "Must have a sample of your work similar to the Outlaws design
    as seen on our site. Must be original, cool, sexy, fun,
    entertaining. Mostly for t-shirt and other clothing design.

    To Apply and For More Information
    Contact [email protected]". So just email them and provide sample work (watermark it for copyright reasons.) Good luck!
  • @CaliforniaPurps right on my friend! Thanks for the help. Tramensously grateful, truly. I just needed to be shown a door and I'll do the work necissary to open and walk through it. I'll put something together and submit it the worst they'll say Is no right? Again, Thank you and I'll give an update if anything is to come Of it.
  • @tbell1223 Yea submit it and you should do fine. The owner is a cool guy. I'm sure he will like your art if its his style. If you want you can post your art here in the forums as well. Sharing is caring!
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